Download FRAPS 3.5.99 Cracked Version is Here !

If you are looking for the best tool that unveils your games benchmarks and frame rate, then consider Fraps Cracked an awesome tool for you.

Fraps Cracked

Fraps Cracked is a handy crack tool that can also help you with screen recording. It is regarded as one of the most useful benchmark software.

Fraps Keygen is very easy to use as it comes with its ability to single key press. With the cracked version, you will now have to enjoy premium user ability such as the elimination of watermark on screenshot videos; you will also have that custom ability to take shots and record videos at your own pace.

Features of Fraps 3.5.99 Cracked

  • Lightweight.
  • It records sounds.
  • Supports DirectX 11.
  • It’s a benching software.
  • Also, available Just Cause 3 Crack.
  • Ability to capture the game in real time.
  • Can make AVI files larger than four gigabytes.
  • It displays the frame rate of the game during the play.
  • Can capture the game at the diver’s frame rate and quality.
  • Can capture multiple audiovisual devices in all windows.
  • Very easy to play, with straightforward and useful drop down and menus.
  • The fraps cracked list is quite simplified compared to the premium version.
  • The full fraps cracked comes with a real-time video recording of the gameplay.
  • One of the most used and recommended screen recording program that outweighs competitions.
  • Simple user interfaces with the ability for all Microsoft Windows versions, so no issues with compatibility at all.

How to use Fraps Crack?

Once you have the crack, install it and launch the game, and you can start screenshots and videos.

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